Sana-Di-Ge - Goldfinch



Authentic Coastal Cuisine

Bengaluru | Mangaluru | Coming Soon To  Mumbai   |

Delhi – For reservation call  11 4050 7777

Our recipes have travelled generations through mothers who used simple yet essential techniques to bring flavour to our meals. That “feel so good” taste, that we probe the world for but find only in our mothers’ delectable recipies; that exact flavour, aroma and care is what Sanadige serves to you.

Featuring a menu from the West coast of India, each meticulously assembled, utilising authentic recipes from the kitchen of Mrs. Asha Shetty, the consort of Mr. K Prakash Shetty-Founder MRG Group.Sana-di-ge brings the freshest seafood, ‘cream of the crop’ ingredients, most authentic of preparations and the taste of good, heartfelt and tummy doted coastal Indian cuisine. With chefs that have trained under Mrs. Shetty’s watchful eyes and adept hands, service staff that serve with homely affection, and guests whose smiles make it all so rewarding.

Sana-di-ge Welcomes you to its home, its heart, and its spirit with love.

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