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Outdoor Catering

A flawless outdoor catering service provided by a community of skilled experts guarantee that your event runs smoothly. We provide our services for countless celebrations like wedding receptions, outdoor events, festivals and corporate gatherings. To render your event a success, it is our commitment to provide top-quality food and catering service.

Corporate Events

While managing corporate events, we believe in providing skilled and exemplary catering services. We specialise in multi-cuisine dishes and our exotic restaurants can infuse the local flavours in your menu. From BBQ to coastal food, we are the master chefs of each dish, pledging to make your business meet an elite affair. We guarantee that your distinctive and unique specifications are met, satisfying all your professional and private needs. For all elements of your corporate party and event planning, we strive to be a precious and helpful source of expertise and advice. Our event planners at Goldfinch are striving hard to add grace and style to your corporate party and create a panoramic experience with a wealthy elegance and creativity, combined with great ideas and thoughts.

Social Events

In a luxurious and epicurean atmosphere, we can assist you to serve the best food at your wedding or social event, transforming your big day into an amazing one. We’d be more than passionate about realising your dream of a lively marriage that spells magnificence. When it comes to handling special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and more, Goldfinch masters the art of making magic, thanks to our skills in the Food & Beverage sector. In just a few simple measures, experience an extremely stylish atmosphere, superior meals in a civilised atmosphere and sophisticated environment.


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